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  1. [06/15/2013]
    New site in progress changing from forum to blog format.
  2. [06/16/2013]
    MP3 previews are posted in many pages to listen to album selections; links to Amazon are available for some
  3. [06/17/2013]
    Forum is removed but comments and suggestions can still be made on blog pages.
  4. [06/24/2013]
    Alot of cool trailers to check out in the gaming section!
  5. [06/24/2013]
    Artbooks feature gallery previews from each release.
  6. [08/01/2013]
    Our web host has been experiencing some problems with their servers and so site may be temporarily down during this time.
  7. [08/02/2013]
    Site might not be displaying some images and animations correctly, if viewing with Internet Explorer. Check FAQ section or click on "Ribbon" to see solution.
  8. [03/01/2014]
    Site design change in progress.

There are many more previews from other artists to checkout in the audio sections of the site! 


If you like the preivews on the site check out Amazon for their prices on singles or full albums!







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