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Title: 007-Ghost
Air Date: Apr 6, 2009

"Within the Barsburg Empire; the Imperial Army and Church cooperate as independent districts. The seven ghosts, who are thought to be a myth are actually protectors of mortals on earth against Verloren and his followers.   According to another myth a holy stone carries in it an archangel's power which is imbued to its master.   Teito Klein, a young boy who is revealed to hold the Eye of Mikhail flees and seeks refuge in the Barsburg Church; there Teito is under the protection of the bishops as well as the mythic seven ghosts."

Black Rock Shooter

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Title: Black Rock Shooter
Air Date: Jul 24, 2010

"An anime about emotional turmoil that girls in the story experience and how they cope with those feelings.  Those emotions in the anime affects events in an alternate reality where the characters of that world are made stronger by the pain the girls in the real world experience.  Its an interesting contrast of slice of life and action but you can empathize with girls and there are a few poignant moments"

Ergo Proxy

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Title: Ergo Proxy
Air Date: Feb 21, 2006

"Events takes place in an post apocalyptic setting with a dystopian society.  The citizens of Romdeau live in a futuristic city enclosed by a dome.  The protagonist is Re-L Mayer an investigator for the Citizen Intelligence Bureau.  Her inquisitive nature brings her closer to the truth behind a virus infecting the androids of their city as well as the mysterious immortal beings known as proxies,  who are believed to be the origin of the virus."

Ga-Rei: Zero

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Title: Ga-Rei: Zero
Air Date: Oct 05, 2008

"Evil spirits are wrecking havoc and exorcists working under a Japanese government agency called the Ministry of the Environment fight against them.  The protagonist,  a young girl named Kagura Tsuchimiya comes from a well known family of exorcists.  The exorcists control enchanted spirit beasts that have been handed down to them from their ancestral line.  Kagura's family possesses a Ga-Rei;  one of the most dangerous and powerful spirit beasts.  Together they fight many spirits and possessed humans to restore peace."


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Title: Gungrave
Air Date: Oct 6, 2003

"Gungrave was created by Yasuhiro Nightow; Nightow is well known in the industry for his work and this anime really is one his best. Fans will see a lot of his style from other anime and its just spectacular. The anime is about Brandon Heat and Harry Macdowell; two punks who grew up in a slum who would become very powerful in the Millennion mafia. Brandon's the mafia's most skilled hitman while Harry's ambition lies in power. Time's change and so does Harry as Brandon is now forced to side against Harry Macdowell."

Haibane Renmei

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Title: Haibane Renmei
Air Date: Oct 9, 2002

"The haibane are angel-like beings that live with other humans in a secluded city;  the cities inhabitants are not permitted to leave the cities walls.  In the city of Glie,  haibane and the humans have been living peacefully for some time now.  The anime is from the perspective of Rakka,  a newborn haibane as she begins to understand her existence as a haibaine.  Along the way she meets many other haibane with whom she makes long lasting relationships."

Kara no Kyōkai

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Title: Kara no Kyōkai
Air Date: May 21, 2008

"Kara no Kyōkai is set in an alternate universe created by Kinoko Nasu from Type-Moon;  which is about Shiki Ryōgi,  a girl whose bloodline endows certain individuals to see with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception;  this allows the individual to destroy anything effortlessly because they can perceive its fated destruction.  Unfortunately these eyes also evoke a bloodlust in the individuals;  to control her nature Shiki Ryōgi has joined a paranormal investigator so that her power can be used as a force against evil."

Peacemaker Kurogane

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Title: Peacemaker Kurogane
Air Date: Oct 07, 2003

"Peacemaker Kurogane is loosely based on events that took place in Japanese history as the country was transitioning to the Meiji period;  ending the Tokugawa shogunate.  The protagonist is a young boy named Tetsunosuke Ichimura whose witnesses the murder of his parents and vows vengeance.  He and his brother join the Shinsengumi;  a Japanese police force. Tetsunosuke is accepted as their youngest member and becomes the vice commanders page."

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

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Title: Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Air Date: Oct 9, 2003

"Shiki Tohno has been raised in the Tohno mansion until an accident forces his father to send him to a relatives home.  He returns to the Tohno mansion after the death of his father.  It is at this point he sees a vampire named Arcueid Brunestud; her presence awakens a suppressed inborn nature which turns the weak Shiki into a an unstoppable assassin.  After he discovers that Arcueid is looking to stop recent murders by another vampire,  Shiki joins her and also begins to look for answers about his past."

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

on Sunday, 02 March 2014. Posted in Anime

Title: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Air Date: Jul 1, 2010

"Ryner lute is conisdered by some to be Roland's most powerful mage and by those that know him well as the laziest man in Roland.  Ryner also happens to have "cursed eyes;" his particular type are called Alpha Stigma.  Alpha stigma bearers are able to learn magic of any type instantly but they are also known to go into a state of uncontrollable fury when fully awakened; despite the fact that many consider him a monster he is working with Roland's new king, Sion Astal to bring peace across the Menoris continent."

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