Alien Vs Predator

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Title: Alien Vs Predator
Release Date: Apr 30, 1999

"AVP allows you to choose from three different perspectives, humans, predators, and the aliens. All species are on planet BG 386 for different reasons. The humans have colonized there and are also investigating an ancient alien structure there. Predators have also been on BG 386 long before the humans colonized there. The humans colonized there are also experimenting with live xenomorph specimens. And so all three species are present on BG 386 in the game. The human marine campaign is played as a 1st person shooter. While the aliens are also 1st person, they have other abilities like being able to walk along walls and ceiling. They also have an alien seeking vision that allows hem to track targets. My favorite is the predator campaign; the predator campaign has the most to offer from the three species. The predator uses a lot of stealth tactics. The predator also has the advantage of his IR vision as well xenomprh vision to track both species. He can also use an invisibility cloak for stealth attacks. One of the best parts of playing as the predator is being able to jump from different locations; which becomes very cool in the jungle levels. The games graphics are also pretty well done. The character design especially on the predators were very detailed. The level design was also good. Each of the three campaigns has a good plot but the predator campaign was the best."

Assassin's Creed III

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Title: Assassin's Creed III
Release Date: Nov 20, 2012

In this sequel to the AC series; Desmond miles the protagonist continues his search for the Pieces of Eden. At the same time he has to prevent Abstergo Industries from subverting their research; as they too are looking for the Pieces of Eden. Desmond continues looking for pieces of the puzzle in the Animus and players are introduced to two new ancestors in the series. The plot in AC3 isn't just the quest to find the Pieces of Eden like before, their new task is to prevent the 2012 Apocalypse in the game's timeline. The animus sequences take place during the American Revolutionary War; and the player meets some actual historical figures. But the gameplay is played from the perspectives of two characters Haytham E. Kenway; from Britain and Ratonhnhaké:ton an American Indian. Gameplay is very similar to the previous tiles; different weapons are available to both characters but the most common weapons are available throughout the game. Stealth is still crucial and infiltration and reconnaissance are still important aspects of the game. One very cool aspect of the game was the naval combat that players can engage in; they contained some of the most unique and interesting elements in AC3. Players can utilize various weapons and strategies as they battle different ships on sea. The plot does reveal much more than the previous games and players are finally able to understand what the Assassins and Templars are fighting for. I enjoyed playing AC3 very much; the plot and gameplay, along with the new gameplay elements added in AC3, all made it a very good sequel.

Batman - Arkham Asylum

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Title: Batman - Arkham Asylum
Release Date: Sep 15, 2009

" The game starts as Batman has just captured Joker and is escorting him into Arkham Asylum; Unbeknownst to Batman at the time Joker is really planning an escape with the help of Harley Quinn. As soon they enter, Joker is freed and takes commissioner Gordon hostage. He also broadcasts a warning to Batman that he has planted bombs in Gotham, which he threatens to detonate if anyone attacks Arkham Asylum. Batman must find a way into Arkham Asylum and discover Jokers plans. In Arkham Asylum Batman fights many DC supervillians such as Bane, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and The Scarecrow. The fight with Scarecrow was the most interesting as this boss battle involved the use of Scarecrow's fear toxins; which distorted Batman's perception of reality. Arkham Asylum is third person with most of the action taking place using a close combat combo system. Batman also has many of his trademark tools and devices such as the batarang. The gampeplay does also involve a lot of stealth takedowns; accomplished by using his grapel gun to descend upon his enemies. Batman can also use Detective Mode, which allows him to see targets through walls and buildings as well as to identify vents and vantage points within the levels. Arkham Asylum performed well in all aspects; from character and level design to the plot and gameplay."

Batman - Arkham City

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Title: Batman - Arkham City
Release Date: Nov 22, 2011

This game has not been reviewed yet by our reviewers; but in the meantime enjoy the trailer!

Batman - Arkham Origins

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Title: Batman - Arkham Origins
Release Date: Oct 25, 2013

This game has not been reviewed yet by our reviewers; but in the meantime enjoy the trailer!


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Title: Bioshock
Release Date: Aug 21, 2007

Bioshock takes place in an alternate reality in 1960. In this world Andrew Ryan; a wealthy businessman decided that he wanted to created a new society; using his wealth he created the utopian city of Rapture. The city is built entirely under the sea. Andrew Ryan's research team also discovered an undersea organism that allowed scientist to splice genes effortlessly granting the person all sorts of power from elemental attacks to telekinesis. The plot begins as Jack the protagonist crash lands into the sea above Rapture and finds himself at Rapture's gate. He enters and is confronted with this strange new society which he learns has started to crumble as all of the new genetic modification's have turned people completely insane over time; Rapture is in disarray and so Jack begins his journey through Rapture trying to discovers the truth behind Rapture and Andrew Ryan. In order to survive in Rapture, he uses the ADAM gene therapy to give himself powers. Bioshock is an FPS and since the game takes place in the 1960's the weapons are not very modern but the genetic science is beyond anything possible in modern times. The game offers both weapons and genetic upgrades and both need to be used in tandem to play the game effectively. The atmosphere of the game really does take the player back to the 1960's; from the architecture and music to the accents and appearances of the characters in the game. It was very interesting to see such a strange contrast of scientific development in a game taking place in the 1960's.

BioShock - Infinite

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Title: BioShock - Infinite
Release Date: Mar 26, 2013

This game has not been reviewed yet by our reviewers; but in the meantime enjoy the trailer!


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Title: Borderlands
Release Date: Oct 26, 2009

"Borderland's plot is set in the planet of Pandora. A large corporation has been settling on planets that might lead to the discovery of "vaults." Vaults are hidden locations on certain planets, that were left by an ancient alien species called the Eridians. The vaults that have been discovered contained hidden treasure and alien technology that was far more advanced than any human technology; Which is why corporations and treasure hunters alike are in search of these vaults. On the planet of Pandora there is an old myth about a vault that would be revealed by a guardian angel. The game starts off with the four protagonists; Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick. Each have their own unique abilities and weapon proficiencies which develop with experience. Borderlands is a 1st person shooter with many different weapons to choose from and skillpoints can be used to enhance these weapons. Players can respwan at New U stations or be revived by attempting to kill an enemy as they are about to die. Borderlands is rendered in a cel-shaded environment giving it the look of a comic style shooter. While on Pandora the player moves from location to location completing missions which also includes missions that progress the plot. The guardian angel is actually orbiting Pandora and guiding the player to find fragments of the vault key. But Crimson Lance, a mercenary group hired by the Atlas corporation is also looking for the vault. The player must find the vault key pieces and discover what awaits them in the vault before the Crimson Lance does."


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Title: Brink
Release Date: May 10, 2011

Brink takes place on a man made island called the Ark; designed to be self-sustainable habitat. Because of global warming and flooding on the mainland, the Ark becomes their only refuge. But while the idea of the habitat itself was well thought out, the society living on the Ark is in compete turmoil. As people started to turn to the Ark for refuge; slums were forming and became very large. So much so that the refugees in the slums claimed that 95% of the resources on the Ark are being held for the 5% of its population. Brother Chen leads the resistance to gain equal access to all of the Ark's resources from the Ark's founders. But Ark security will not allow the resistance to take control so easily. This begins the war between the two factions on the Ark. Brink is an FPS and I must admit there is very little in terms of a single player campaign; and at times it seems that solo gameplay was the last thing in mind for the game. But what it lacks in a single player campaign; it makes up for in co-op gameplay. The controller is yet another problem as the game seems more suited for a mouse than a controller making the gameplay a bit frustrating at times. The game offers the player the ability to switch classes at any time within the game; players can choose between a soldier, an engineer, a medic or an operative. Each offers different abilities and uses to progress through the levels. One thing I liked about the game was the character creation; there are a lot of different options and I would've liked to see more but it was still interesting. While there was some room for improvement in Brink; it was still a decent game.


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Title: Bulletstorm
Release Date: Feb 22, 2011

Bulletstorm is one hell of a joy ride! The protagonists of the game start out as a black ops team code named Dead Echo but after realizing that they were being tricked into becoming General Sarrano's assassins they abandon their duties and become space pirates. The team leader Grayson Hunt is still very upset about being used to kill innocents and out of rage, rams his spaceship into the General Sarrano's ship sending both ships on a crash course onto the planet Stygia. Before Hunt can confront Sarrano he must first find him on Stygia which is inhabited by feral tribes that attack the survivors of crash. Ishi Sato, another member of Dead Echo is fatally wounded after the crash and receives extensive cybernetic implants both in his body and brain to save his life; Ishi aids Hunt through most of Hunt's search but is also very bitter because Hunt makes rash decisions without discussing his actions with his crew. And Ishi also blames Hunt for the deaths of the crew and his current state as a cyborg. But they must work together for the common goal of surviving on Stygia. The gamplay is 1st person; with many futuristic weapons to choose from. The level design is also very well done depicting the colonized areas as well as the wilds in vivid detail. Among the weapons Hunt acquires, the most unique is the energy leash which is a prohibited weapon in the game. The energy leash cybernetically links to the user; it used both as a tool to progress the plot and it can be used in different ways as weapon in the game too.

Castlevania - Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition

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Title: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition
Release Date: Aug 30, 2013

Initially it seems as though LOS is a reboot since it deviates from what many players expected from the other games in the past. The fixed camera angle perspective is also something new; also very different if you are looking for a castlevania-esque experience. It took me some getting used to but I after some time I did enjoy the game even though I had some expectations from the previous titles. The game plays much more like a platformer and players are faced with many puzzles throughout the levels. I was reminded of the Darksiders gameplay as I progressed through the game. The plot does add some new aspects to the original storyline such as The Brotherhood of Light for example of which the Protagonist Gabriel Belmont is a part of, as well as the Lords of Shadow; who predate Dracula's existence. Gabriel Belmont begins the game with a mission to resurrect his murdered wife and he soon discovers a prophecy that may also save the world from the Lords of Shadow. Like other Castlevania games their are many magic attacks; the game has both light and shadow and each have their own unique attacks and abilities that are used offensively, defensively and also to progress the storyline. Gabriel's main weapon is the combat cross which can be upgraded at the graves of his brothers from the Brotherhood of light. Many abilities and powers can be unlocked with experience points as well, aside from the main weapon and magic attacks. The ultimate edition includes some DLC chapters that complete the LOS storyline and give players some insight into how Gabriel changes and develops; the UE includes this because it is required for players to truly understand Gabriel's character development. The voice acting was also very well done; Gabriel (Robert Carlyle)and the narrator Zobek (Patrick Stewart) along with many other characters throughout the game including Gabriel's wife Marie (Natascha McElhone) as well as the LOS all performed spectacularly in the game. While the changes from the previous games took a little time to adjust to; the game offered so much more in many other aspects, making this one of the best Castlevania games to date.

Crysis 2

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Title: Crysis 2
Release Date: Mar 22, 2011

"The sequel is from the perspective of Raptor's team leader Prophet (Laurence Barnes); three years after the events in Lingshan. Prophet is alone now in New York; to make matters worse he is infected with the Manhattan virus. Prophet realizes that he cannot continue fighting the ceph since he's infected with the alien virus. Prophet gives the N2 nanosuit to Alcatraz, a dying marine he rescued and left him a message before shooting himself, stating that he was humanity's only hope. Prophets suit was much more advanced than the other N1 nanosuits used by others in Raptor. Prophets suit even allowed prophet to store all of Prophets memories into the suit which recreated his mind as some form of advanced AI within the suit. This Prophet within the suit would carry on Prophets mission and would direct Alcatraz so they can defeat the ceph. The nanosuits offer many technologically advanced abilities such as invisibility, nanovision, and armor mode. The game also has options to upgrade weapons too. Since the Prophet AI is inside the suit, Alcatraz is in constant communication with a digitized voice which sounds very much like Prophet. As the plot progresses the N2 nanosuit begins to assimilate ceph technology and even begins to find an antibody for the Manhattan virus. The final battle takes place on the ceph ship containing the alien bioweapons spreading the virus."

Crysis 3

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Title: Crysis 3
Release Date: Feb 19, 2013

"Crysis 3 takes place in 2047, 24 years after Prophet/Alcatraz stopped the Manhattan Virus outbreak and defeated the ceph. In this story Alcatraz/Prophet had been placed in a EMP storage device to prevent Prophet from escaping. It would be about two decades before psycho rescues him. During this time C.E.L.L. the corporation which had imprisoned him has now taken complete global control. While in containment Prophet had visions about the end of their world and is convinced that the ceph are still a threat. But Psycho and his resistance have other priorities which involves removing C.E.L.L. from power. In this game Crytek developers produced the best game environments I have seen yet. The amount of detail in the game is extraordinary. All of the suits technology and nanoupgrades are amazing. Players can even modify weapons along with the nanosuit. The suit also has nanovision (Like IR vision) and clocking capabilities as well as armor mode. The techno soundtrack also adds a really cool element during gameplay. And the digitized voice of Laurence Barnes directing Alcatraz is pretty cool too. This game delivered on so many levels, from cinematic experience to visual details and gameplay."


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Title: Darksiders
Release Date: Sep 23, 2010

"In Darksiders, the protagonist is war; one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. In the plot he is accused of starting the apocalypse on earth without the approval of the Charred Council, which maintains order and balance within the three kingdoms (heaven, hell and earth). War explains that he only "answered the call" and that he is being used; he asks the Charred Council for time, so that he can find the true conspirators behind the apocalypse. They allow him this request and War begins his search to uncover the truth behind this betrayal. War fights both angels and demons in his search the ones responsible for all these crimes. On this journey he even travels to the Forge lands, where the makers reside; older than both heaven and hell. In Darksiders, the gaemplay is third person. War wields Chaoseater, a large greatsword as his primary weapon, which can be used for devastating combos and a revolver as his secondary weapon. War also has a special attack which can be activated when his chaos meter is filled. Once filled he can transform into a powerful fiery entity for a short time. Later he can also call on his phantom horse Ruin to help travel long distances or to be used in battle. Vigil's game designers did a superb job depicting all the characters and enemies in the game. Their work is exemplified in levels where war is confronted by immense bosses such as the the demon Straga. THQ also did a superb job finding the right voice cast for the characters and the game music also helped bring the world of Darksiders to life. All of these separate elements of the game ensure that players will have a memorable experience playing the game."

Darksiders II

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Title: Darksiders II
Release Date: Aug 14, 2012

"In this game we are introduced to Death; another Horseman of the apocalypse. Previously Uriel, leader of the Hellguard; broke the Seventh Seal which in turn calls forth the four Horseman. Death arrives and learns of the crimes that his brother War has been charged with and begins his own search in order to exonerate War. As the plot moves forward Death learns that there is an evil spreading through the kingdoms. Something that has been called "corruption." Corruption spread like a virus and taints anything it touches (angels, demons, etc.). Death has to find a way stop the spread corruption. Like the previous game players will fight various angels and demons. New to this game are the Makers constructs some of which which are gargantuan entities; One of the longest and largest bosses battles, Death fights in the game; (and the largest one ever fought in both games) is the Maker's Guardian. While he looks for the source of corruption he also learns of a way to resurrect humanity; he hopes to remove the charges against War by restoring the third kingdom. The gameplay is in 3rd person; this time the primary weapon is 2 scythes but he an switch to larger two-handed weapons as his secondary weapon. Unlike the 1st game Death can acquire a wide variety of weapons with their own stats and abilities. Like the first game Death also has a special attack gauge which transforms him the reaper form. The sequel is much more of platformer with many puzzles. But Vigil and THQ did an even better job with the sequel. The voice acting again was spectacular; all of the game design and the music also produced an amazing experience."

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