Shin Seiki Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku

on Monday, 03 March 2014. Posted in Shōnen

Title: Shin Seiki Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku
Release Date: Oct 01, 2007

"The events in this manga are very different from the original manga. The characters are still fighting angels for NERV but this time the angels aren't enormous creatures; they are parasitic beings that use humans as their vessels. And eva's are not piloted; they are weapons that are manifestations of the characters will. Attaining the cores is not only to stop the angles but also to maintain the equilibrium of their world; which they do by defeating the angels and bringing their cores to the Yggdrasil. The ending uncovers the truth about the Yggdrasil as well as Gendo Ikari's hidden agenda and his secret past. Many events unfold in the last few chapters that have absolutely nothing to do with events that Hideaki Anno wrote of in the original manga. The only complaint I had with this manga was that Ming Ming, the manga's creator did end it with a few unanswered questions."

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