The story begins in outer space; in the year 2010. Where a fully functional space station is being tested by police who are being trained as astronauts. During the test of a new spacesuit; the “Policenaut”, Jonathan Ingram is cast off into space when the experimental space suit malfunctions. fortunately for him, the space suits were equipped with a kind of cold sleep technology which kept him alive in the suit for 25 years. Eventually, they discover Jonathan in space and he is revived. He realizes that the whole world has changed and while his friends and family are alive they have aged 25 years. To make matters worse his wife has remarried and has had a child also. He decides to become a private investigator and begins a new life. Unexpectedly his ex-wife asks him to investigate her husband’s recent murder and he is reluctant at first but later she too is murdered in his arms. He decides to investigate their deaths and finds new friends as well as his old LAPD partner. Thing’s have changed quite a bit since he was a police officer as genetically enhanced enforcers are commonplace and they are even using robotic flying suits, but he is more than able to investigate a murder despite feeling out of place in this time. With the help of his old partner and his new group of investigators; they begin their investigation.

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