Events take place on a small island. There an uncaring king rules the land. The island itself has magical energies due to the fact that a “slumbering god” sleeps deep below the island. The king instructs his “alchemists” to research a human/plant hybrid that can serve as his perfect soldier; which he wants to create an army with. His alchemists experiment with the king’s people but are not successful. The residues of the experiment seep through the land into the sea and lead to a sickness on the island that turns humans and animal into zombified creatures. At this time other beings known as the “architects” appear before the king; they are interested in the magical energies on the island coming from the slumbering god. They are aware of the events taking place on the island and offer an exchange to the king. They will provide their research to the king’s alchemists and gold in exchange to continue their research about the slumbering god and islands magical energies. The greedy king accepts but his son, the prince is a little concerned about the architect’s motives and their interest in the slumbering god. Fast forward and we find that the human/plant hybrid is successful now; using a “prisoner” as a test subject. The sentient head resembles an aggregate of plant cells. His body was thrown into the dungeons but he manages to escape and finds his body, and now seeks his revenge against the king. The developers describe the games as a rogue-lite game; which is because each time the prisoner dies the timeline resets and the prisoner is bought back to life at an earlier point in time. The gameplay itself is also described as a Castlevania-esque sidescroller and fits quite well as there are many familiar aspects from Castlevania Symphony Of The Night.

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