テイルズ オブ エクシリア2


This game from the tales series is a sequel of the first Xillia title. It takes place a year after the first Xillia game. Players are in a world called Elympios; on Elympios there is a continent that is protected by a barrier from the rest of people on Elympios; this continent is Rieze Maxia. Although events from the first game break the barrier. The people in Rieze Maxia wanted to preserve spirits but others outside of Rieze Maxia wanted to exploit spirits which can channel mana as a source of power. In this game, characters are looking for a mystical place called the Land of Canaan; where whatever they wish can be granted. The protagonist in this game is Ludger Will Kresnik and along with his friends and a mysterious girl named Elle Mel Marta; they decide to seek out this Land of Canaan.

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