The protagonist just arrived in Inaba; where his uncle’s family lives. His parents are traveling overseas for work and his uncle decides to take care of him in the meantime. The protagonist which the player has to name starts getting accustomed to life in Inaba at Yasogami High School. He also has an odd dream; in it, he learns about his persona and how to use it. Later as he’s getting used to life in Inaba, strange murders have been broadcasted on the news and everyone in Inaba is getting concerned. In his high school, he meets many new friends and one day Chie Satonaka tells him about a strange urban legend spreading in Inaba. She calls it the Midnight Channel and tells them that you’re supposed to look into a TV that’s switched off, alone, exactly at midnight on a rainy night. While you’re staring at your own image, another person will appear on the screen. And says that person’s your soulmate. They find that the Midnight Channel is real after all and learn that it’s actually a gateway into a TV world based on the real world; they decide to look further into this strange TV world. They decide that they can probably find some answers about the recent deaths as well in the TV world; his friends soon become allies as they learn how to use their persona’s and discover the truth behind the TV world and the murders occurring in their world.

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