Xenoblade Chronicles X begins with a war that is now imminent between Earth and an alien race. Thankfully human technological advances have led to the development of space arks that can contain a populace as well an entire city itself to be transported onto a more suitable planet in the event earth is overpowered by the alien threat. The white whale is one of these human arks and while in space it is attacked by aliens and crash lands onto planet Mira. Various stasis pods are expelled during the crash landing containing survivors. The protagonist awakens with the help of Elma. The protagonist is created using an MMO style character creation screen and must be named by the player. Once awakened the protagonist learns that he’s one of the lucky stasis pods that survived the crash and Elma leads him to their city on the ark. They discover that parts of the ark broke off and need to be found in order to restore the ark to full power. Along the way, they will find many new species both friend and foe. Their goal is to restore the white whale and establish a place for their colony on planet Mira. Gameplay is third person and there also some very cool mechs that the player can use on various terrains and comes equipped with flying capabilities. Being a mech it is equipped with rifles and can be used against the alien monsters in Mira as well as other opponents. Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of the best games on the WIIU and vastly superior to Xenoblade Chronicles.

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