The story begins in a Japanese antique shop.  The protagonist is Eiri Kurahashi, a young art student who works in the antique shop.  One day he sees something in the antique shop that he becomes fixated on.  It’s a Venetian wine glass but as he looks closer and closer at it; he begins to see visions of a young french blond woman.

He can’t believe it at first but the visions become more pronounced as he starts to see the young woman’s life played out before him.  The young woman’s name is Cossette d’Auvergne, and she would become more than just a vision when she begins to speak to Eiri.  He learns from the young French woman that her spirit was trapped in the wine glass after being murdered 250 years ago in France.  Cossette implores Eiri to free her.

 Their hatred entrapped my soul, compelling me to wander this world alone until today. – Cossette d’Auvergne

He learns much about her and her husband, who was also an artist like himself.  His obsession with her intensifies to the point where his friends begin to notice his withdrawal from reality.  

He sketches and paints her in all his artwork, he soon realizes that he has fallen in love with her and is willing to do anything to free her.  Part of her cursed entrapment within the wine glass involves inflicting the pain and suffering she endured during her murder onto Eiri himself.  

In time she too begins to care for Eiri but soon she realizes the sacrifice he must make if he accepts her suffering in order to help free her.  She must watch as he suffers the physical torture her curse enacts upon Eiri.  It’s heartbreaking for her to force a man she now cares for, to endure such punishment.  But both Eiri and Cossette and have agreed to do what is necessary to break her curse.

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