クライシス コア -ファイナルファンタジーVII


Crisis core is a telling of the events that took place 7 years before Final Fantasy VII.  The focus of this plot is on the elite soldiers in “SOLDIER”.  SOLDIER was formed by Shinra Electric Power Company.  Shinra holds a monopoly due to their discovery of Mako as an energy source; which soon becomes a controversial resource.  The highest ranked members are the 1st class soldiers and were enhanced both genetically and via Mako infusion.  The protagonist is Zack, a 2nd class soldier under the tutelage of Angeal Hewley.  The 1st class soldiers begin to question their origins and purpose within Shinra.  Eventually, they defect and form their own faction against Shinra.  Zack gets promoted to 1st class but he is unsure about the reasoning behind the 1st class soldiers defection.  The deserters have already orchestrated assaults against Shinra.  But Zack still has his doubts about the 1st class soldiers.  While still under the command of Shinra; he begins to look for his own answers.   Gameplay is more action-oriented; as players can move their characters in battle instead of the old menu-based actions.   Although it is still turn-based.  It borrows much from kingdom hearts gameplay and is much more simplified as the only obtainable equipment is accessories.   Nor can you obtain materia, its simply leveled up as you level up the character.  But is its an interesting deviation from Final Fantasy VII and the plot and its characters more than make up for the simplification of its gameplay.

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