Its the late 20th century in London, England.  And Londoners are plagued by a growing epidemic… vampires.  The “Hellsing” organization was established to protect England from supernatural, extraterrestrial and satanic threats.  Strangely enough, they acquire an unlikely ally; a vampire they name “Alucard”.  According to the organization’s history, their leader Van Hellsing managed to defeat and tame this vampire and has been a loyal servant of the Hellsing family and organization since.  Currently, he is under the command of Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

Alucard has sided with humanity and while he has vampiric powers he also benefits from the organization.  It’s his home and they have provided him with munitions to combat other vampires.  Most notably, a custom-made semi-automatic pistol that fires a powerful .454 casull round which is more powerful than a desert eagle or magnum and consequently with considerably more recoil.  Unconventional for most but perfect for Alucard.  The rounds were made from a silver cross that was melted down.  It’s his preferred method of hunting down vampires.

 Now which method am I going to use… to send you off to a purgatory of eternal pain? – Alucard

Alucard is tasked with neutralizing any vampires that threaten the safety of Englands people and encounters many “turned” vampires which he terms as fakes because they were turned into vampires against their will and often weaker than those who were initiated into a vampiric bloodline by choice.  Alucard faces many vampires both weak and strong with the help of new allies and existing ones from the Hellsing organization.

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