First Light is the fifth and latest release from the InFAMOUS series.  The plot takes place after InFAMOUS 2 and before InFAMOUS – Second Son.  The protagonist is Abigail Walker; she is one of the rare cases of awakened conduits.  Her genetic mutation granted her a dormant power; like the others, they are unique of the individual and their mutation itself.  Her power was awakened thanks to the conduit known as the Beast; who used his power to awaken her power as well as others in New York City.  Her powers became a nuisance at first for her; she soon became a runaway with her brother.  And even became a drug addict; although she would later stop her drug use.  She finds herself in custody by the DUP (Department of Unified Protection).  The DUP is a governmental agency whose focus is on dangerous conduits.  During her interrogation, she is asked to explain her background and the circumstances that led to the awaking of her powers.  Much of the game’s plot is her telling the DUP about her origins.  She complies with the DUP’s request but there is no doubt in her mind that she needs to find a way to escape soon.  Each conduit has a characteristic mutation/power and Abigail’s is the ability to manipulate Neon light.  She can blast neon energy and even move at light speed along with many other abilities.  Like the other InFAMOUS games, gameplay is third person in an open world environment.  Players are free to explore any part of the city from the streets and atop buildings.

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